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Please indicate the extent to which you agree or isagree with the following statements about the service/product you received from Fine Packages corrugated box division (CBD). Choose the appropriate number using the scale below.
SD  I strongly disagree with this statement.
D  I disagree with this statement.
N  I neither agree nor disagree with this statement.
A  I agree with this statement.
SA  I strongly agree with this statement.
1. I could arrange convenient meeting times with CBD marketing department.
2. I always feel that my call receives priority.
3. My call is returned within the hour all the time.
4. I always get a quote on the product I require within the same working day.
5. Even if the concerned salesperson is not available, my queries are answered to my satisfaction.
6. When making amendments to an order, I feel secure that it would be understood.
7. My deadlines for delivering the product are always met.
8. When I ask for a new design, I get a quick response and it is implemented on the time expected.
9. My order with any amendments was completed exactly as promised.
10. My complaints, if any arose, were handled to my utter satisfaction.
11. The salesperson conducted himself in a professional manner.
12. When I contact CBD, I know I will be listened to and understood.
13. The final delivered product met my specifications correctly.
14. The printing quality on the boxes is exactly what I wanted.
15. The approach of CBD is proactive. It foresees problems and works on solutions before they occur.
16. CBD products proved to me their solidity and strength.
17. I know that my products are safe in an Fine Packages box.
18. The delivery driver behaves well and has a good conduct.
19. When I needed further help, the management was available.
Name of contact salesperson in CBD:
Please feel free to write any comments regarding the service and products you receive from CBD:


Factory Location:
Sunder-Raiwind Road
(2 Km Mull Chowk)
near "Sunder Industrial Estate"
Lahore, Pakistan.
Contact Numbers:
Cell # 92-321-8631333
Cell # 92-333-4315522
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