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  Advice On Buying Corrugated Cartons  
Here are just a few tips for when you come to buy cartons- ok, it's not an exact science but there are, believe it or not, quite a few things to think about before you buy. Although what we say here might seem really obvious, there may just be something that you haven't thought about that could save you a lot of time and effort (and annoyance). So, when looking to purchase packing materials or boxes for moving, always;

• Look at the quality of what you are buying. Double-walled packing boxes will always be stronger than single-walled packing boxes.

• Definitely check the sizes. A lot of companies will offer cartons that seem extremely attractive at first glance because of the quantity you get. They won't seem nearly as attractive however when you find that all you can fit in them is a pair of shoes.

• Consider the safety issue (yes, corrugated cartons have safety issues too). All corrugated cartons will either be glued or stitched. The latter doesn't mean they're sewn up with a needle and thread, it means they are held together with large staples. So, if you are planning to let the kids play around with these cartons (or pets for that matter) after you have finished with them, you may want to consider this as glued cartons will cause less harm.

• Watch out for companies that withhold the salestax from their products until you come to check out. This makes their products look far more attractive until you come to pay than all of a sudden, the product prices will have seemingly grown. Indeed they will have, by about 17.5%!

• Don't over-fill your corrugated cartons - spread your heavier and lighter items as much as you can (with the lighter items on top). Getting all of your hardbacks into a tea chest sized box is a great accomplishment, but then try picking it up and you'll see what I mean.

• Make sure that any boxes you order go through a standard door frame (about 100cm or 39"). It would be a shame to fill a carton that then has to be tipped over at an angle to get it out of the house, spilling all the contents on the way.

• Make sure you have parcel tape. All boxes will come flat-packed and it's so frustrating trying to close them with sellotape (never mind worrying about if it will actually hold the bottom of it secure). A tape gun will also make your life so much easier (after you have learned to master it) there is only so much you can take of cutting tape with your teeth and getting it stuck to your fingers.
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